The Arbutus Center has several laboratory spaces as well as several Georgia Tech high-definition connected classrooms and collaboration rooms in both Atlanta and Savannah.



  • e-Education room, a collaboration/lab space with high-definition connections
  • Video recording studio
  • Two conference rooms with telepresence capability

Van Leer:

  • VL 461, an advanced collaboration space with high-definition connections to other Atlanta and Savannah spaces.
  • VL 456, a high-definition classroom
  • Two collaboration / conference rooms with Cisco Telepresence and Polycom connectivity.
  • Content development studio in the Digital Media Lab
  • VIP team space in the Digital Media Lab
  • DML collaboration studio with teleconference access.

Bunger Henry:

  • VIP lab


  • Ten telepresence-connected classrooms
  • High-definition connection to research lab
  • Collaboration space with Cisco Telepresence system
  • Two small-group collaboration rooms with telepresence capability